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Post by Abrar on Fri May 27, 2011 6:53 pm

Many people die as a result of speeding or due to traffic accidents, with many more receiving serious injuries. The ministry of interior in Kuwait tends to use traffic calming devices such as speed bumps for reducing number of traffic accidents and reducing vehicles speed. However, there are many problems associated with regular bumps such as delaying emergency services and damaging vehicles suspension system. Accordingly, the solution is to design a smart bump that stays rigid for vehicles driving above the speed limit, while it flattens out for vehicles driving below the speed limit. The immediate objective of this project is reducing the number of accidents in residential areas by installing smart bumps and rewarding under speed limit drivers by reducing the height of the bump for them. In this semester a smart bump has been developed which uses a self locking mechanism with a weighted pendulum that depends on the vehicles speed and the rotational angle of the pendulum. In the future a smart bump will be developed to disappear for emergency vehicles by installing speed and frequency sensors


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