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Post by Abrar on Fri May 27, 2011 5:30 pm

10.0 Packaging


11.0 Size and Weight Restrictions

11.1 Depth not to exceed 1.5 m.

11.2 Width not to exceed 2.1 m.

11.3 Height not to exceed 14 cm.

12.0 Manufacturing Processes
The manufacturing processes that will be used while manufacturing the smart bump are:

i. Rolling: Rolling the slab to get the steel bump plates.

ii. Cutting: Cutting the plates to the needed dimensions using a milling machine.

iii. Bending: bending the rubber that will cover the bump using either stretch forming or roll bending to get the shape needed. Also, an L-bending die will be used to bend the passage for the rollers with a 90 degree angle.

iv. Welding: welding will be used for fixing the supports on the bump plates.

v. Extrusion: will be used to extrude the shaft that will connect the rollers.


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