Comparison between alternative solutions

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Comparison between alternative solutions

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:42 am

In the beginning the chosen solution was the curved bump. After simulating the first idea
selected, which is having steel plate acting like a leaf spring with a layer of rubber below
it. It was noticed that a gap will be formed on the road when the plate deflects. To solve
this problem another design idea was simulated; the design uses a curved plate instead of
having a straight one. The curved bump will have problems with buckling and it needs
working with non linear properties instead of linear properties in ANSYS. And there is no
enough time to learn how to work with non linear properties so the solution has been
changed in the last minute to work with a locking mechanism bump that depends on the
vehicles speed instead of vehicles weight. It was decided that the weighted pendulum
bump is the most appropriate solution for reaching our goals.

All the finite element simulation using ANSYS for the first two ideas were added in
ANSYS forum.


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