Retractable Traffic Calming Speed Bump

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Retractable Traffic Calming Speed Bump

Post by Admin on Sun May 15, 2011 3:43 am

Retractable Traffic Calming Speed Bump - Programmable

An automatic/manual traffic-calming device, which provides non-impeding and impeding conditions on demand. Multiple means of initiating action of the unit provide a wide variety of applications for the retractable speed bump.
The invention is a motorized or manually activated Retractable Speed Bump (Sleeping Policeman). A warning device wherein the raising and lowering of the retractile may be positively regulated and controlled by manual, or remote multiple signals, generated in conjunction to predetermined or existing automobile traffic conditions.
The Retractable Speed Bump, wherein a retractile consisting of bi-folding hinged plates, which are elevated to present a visible obstruction to motor vehicles, and a position restraining device, operated by linear and rotary motor drive means, by on/off push button switching, or through a series of Programmable Logic Controllers, commanded by way of analog or digital signals emanating from permanently mounted or vehicular mounted speed detecting devices.
The device is adaptable to manually hand cranking and locking operations.

Problem it solves:
Research has shown that speed bumps are an effective approach to slowing down traffic on residential streets. Speed bumps are extremely effective at reducing traffic speeds, particularly the highest speeds that are most troubling to residents. Speed bumps generally decrease traffic volume on the street where they are installed, and have the potential to divert a significant amount of the traffic to other local streets. However, because of the delay they cause, speed bumps can increase the risk that residents will suffer from fire damage, injury or even death.

This Retractable Speed Bump device, provides periodic traffic calming by permitting deployment only when conditions require its application.
In addition it encompasses the following application features:
a)Controllable by police fire and ambulance operators.
b)All vehicles must traverse the speed bump in either the retracted or raised positions.
c)Installation method allows for positive drainage of rain water.
d)Provides safe street cleaning and snow removal by existing street maintenance equipment.
e)Ideal locations for for installations are, school crossings zones, approaches to railroad level crossings and proximity to hospitals.



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