speed humps - Recycled Rubber

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speed humps - Recycled Rubber

Post by Abrar on Sun Jun 05, 2011 7:06 am

Speed humps - Recycled Rubber
The speed hump component is manufactured from recycled
rubber material. With traffic calming devices made from rubber,
noise is significantly reduced.

Our recycled rubber speed humps provide ease & versitility
when being installed and can be applied to undulating surfaces.

This allows the entire speed hump to flow with minor surface
variations as they occur.

However, the product is best installed on a level surface.

Why not choose Ultra Linemarking to install your speed hump today.
All work carries our performance guarantee

Our most popular speed hump, this unit is 350mm wide, comes in
black & yellow 500mm sections & is 50mm in height.
This speed hump will meet most requirements

This speed hump is used for applictions where the environment
demands vehicles reduce speed significantly.

With fixtures supplied free and features reflective inserts for
illumination at night, the durability of rubber & 500mm sections
for easy installation.



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