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Post by Abrar on Fri May 27, 2011 3:32 am

6.0 Target Costs

6.1 The product will have an end-user cost of 250 KD.

6.2 The cost of manufacture will be less than 200 KD.

7.0 Quantity

7.1 150 units in the first year, increasing to 800 within four years.

8.0 Maintenance

8.1 To be maintenance free except for light lubrication once every six months and a recommended service every two years.

8.2 Parts requiring lubrication will be accessible within 15 minutes without the use of special tools or equipment.

8.3 Spares will be available for 10 years after the product is replaced with a new model.

8.4 Limited special tools will be required for maintenance.


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