Product Design Specification

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Product Design Specification

Post by Abrar on Fri May 27, 2011 2:30 am

The Product Design Specification ( PDS ) is the main reason for the success of products designed in the marketplace today.

There are two kind of statements in the PDS:

1. In-Use Purposes :
- The primary purposes to which users will put the product.
- Any special purpose features required or desired.

2. Functional Requirements :
- Performance.
- Environment
- Economic Issues
- Physical Attributes
- Process technologies
- Aesthetics
- Product development time and cost
- Shipping
- Standards and specifications
- Customer
- Testing
- Constraints
- Legal requirements and codes
- Political and social
- Installation
- Documentation
- Disposal

The PDS is a dynamic rather than a static document. It may also be a contractual document between the manufacturer and the customer.


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