Inertia Locking Retractor

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Inertia Locking Retractor

Post by Admin on Mon May 23, 2011 2:53 am

Inertia Locking Retractor

Inertia Reels must be mounted vertically and feed directly to the shoulder loop for the retractor to work properly. Do not mount retractor to the roof, or horizontally on the floor.

Inertia Locking Retractors work by locking the internal centrifugal clutch when a sudden stop or strong tug causes the internal reel to spin rapidly. We offer NLR (Non Locking Retractors) Inertia Mechanisms, meaning they do not lock under normal operating circumstances and allow the webbing to extend/retract as long as there is no sudden movement. Inertia Locking Mechanism are not vehicle or brake sensitive. They will NOT lock when driver steps on the brakes.

Non-Locking Retractor reel spins freely and self-adjust under normal operation. Webbing will extend/retract to fit user. This design allows for comfortable movement while wearing the seat belt. You can lift/move arms and body around without being locked down the entire time you wear the seat belt.

Whenever a sharp tug is applied to a Non-Locking Retractor reel the centrifugal clutch engages and locks the reel in place. This locks the seat belt and keeps you strapped in and safe during sudden stops.



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