Intelligent Traffic Calming

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Intelligent Traffic Calming

Post by Admin on Sun May 22, 2011 3:12 am

Intelligent Traffic Calming

TTS introduces the intelligent speed hump. This speed hump adapts its height in a simple and automatic way depending on the weight of the passing vehicles. For buses, firefighters and other heavy vehicles it is almost a flat surface which prevents back injuries of bus drivers and loss of valuable time for emergency vehicles. For luxury cars it is a standard hump resulting in effective speed reduction. Due to its special functioning noise and vibrations problems do not occur anymore.

Since april 2005 several of these intelligent speed humps are placed in the Netherlands in cities like Rotterdam, Enschede, Nieuwegein and Middelburg. The results are very encouraging as effective speed reduction is obtained while preventing complaints of inhabitants due to noise and vibrations problems. Also bus companies and emergency vehicles are responding in a positive way. The city of Rotterdam has followed this innovative speed hump with great interest and is very positive in its end conclusions.



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